The Executive Board


The Yale Debate Association is run by a board of five students who are elected by the team as a whole each year. This board is responsible for everything from selecting the year's class of novice debaters and handling the team's finances to making travel arrangements and planning the team's tournaments. See also the boards of 2021, 202020192018201720162015, 2014, 2013, and 2012.


Current Board

President: Cameron Chacon. Cameron is a senior in Berkeley College studying Classical Civilizations and History of Art. They are from San Antonio, Texas. Outside of debate, Cameron enjoys really bad/really good TV, ranking all the New Haven coffee shops, and cooking. They can be reached at

Director of Membership: Matt Song. Matt is a junior in Morse College majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics. He most recently lived in Shanghai, but he is still unreasonably proud of his Michigan roots. He loves cheesy Tumblr quotes and dad jokes nearly as much as he loves photos of red pandas. He usually spends his free time napping or bragging about how long he just napped for. He can be reached at

Director of Development: Maia Decker. Maia is a junior in Pauli Murray College studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She is from Missoula, Montana; although she missed nature, she is happy to have access to East Coast bagels. In her free time she enjoys writing, painting, and listening to horror podcasts. She can be reached at

Director of Tournaments: Lelan Hu. Lelan Hu is a junior in Morse College studying Political Science and Economics. She grew up in Shanghai, China. Outside of debate, she likes to ask people how crazy it is that we all exist, read blogs, and study note-taking systems. She can be reached at

Treasurer/Director of Finances: Joanna Ding. Joanna is a junior in Pierson College studying ethics, politics, and economics. She currently lives in Shanghai, China, but competed actively in the New England area where her high school was located. Outside of debate, Joanna enjoys embroidery, drawing/painting, browser-shopping, and true-crime podcasts, in addition to languishing her life away on YouTube. She can be reached